How to Make a Website 2020 Wordpress Tutorial - Elementor


How to Make a Website 2020 Wordpress Tutorial - Elementor


You will be able to create your very own website without having to write a single line of code.
You will learn the ins and outs of Wordpress & Elementor in just a few hours!
You won't have to waste weeks trying to learn how to set up and customize everything on your own.
Everything is explained thoroughly and straight to the point.
I will teach you the following:

  1. Setting up your Website Domain Name & Hosting
  2. Installing the necessary program to get started
  3. Setting up everything to start customizing your website
  4. Showcasing all the different options & templates to use
  5. Making everything step by step from start to finish
  6. Leaving you with the knowledge to create & customize your very own site
AND much more! There's literally nothing you can lose.
Why should You even take this Course?
  • You will Learn To Create A WordPress Website in Less Than 2 Hours
  • Your Wordpress Website Will Be Fully Responsive (Ipad & Mobile Friendly)
  • You will Learn To Create Custom Logos & Icons For Free!
  • We will be using a FREE Wordpress theme
  • You will be able to Master Wordpress & Elementor
  • You will learn how to create & edit Blog Post on Wordpress
  • You will save so much money learning it yourself, instead of hiring a web developer
  • You will be Using the Most Up To Date Version of WordPress & Elementor
Wordpress & Elementor are so simple to use, that once you learn them you will be able to create beautiful websites.
Whether you're a business owner, blogger, or someone who just wants to make a website, this course will be able to solve your problem. You will be able to customize your site to whatever you like!
I will be adding bonus videos in the future as well!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in creating their own website
  • Perfect for complete beginners who have no experience
  • Experienced individuals are welcomed to take this course as well
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Creative individuals who want a different view on designing their website
  • You don't want to learn how to code, but want to make an amazing website
  • Someone who simply wants to learn how to make a website with ease

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