Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads MEGA Course 2021

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads MEGA Course 2021

Join 200,000+ students I have helped to MASTER Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads. This is the most comprehensive Facebook Marketing, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads Course I have on Udemy. Supercharge your own business, make money as a Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Expert, work from anywhere as a freelance Facebook marketer, or land a highly-paid job.
This course is yours Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing strategical guide containing 72 Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads & Messenger Ads Strategical Guides proven to ROCKET-FUEL yours Facebook Marketing performance.

From beginner to expert:

  1. New Facebook Ads Experience 2021
  2. New Facebook Creator Studio 2021
  3. New Facebook Business Page 2021
  4. New Facebook Business Manager 2021
  5. New Facebook Audiences 2021
  6. New Facebook for Business 2021
  7. Facebook marketing
  8. Facebook advertising
  9. Facebook strategy to decrease Facebook ads costs
  10. Facebook strategy to increase C-T-R rate
  11. Facebook relevancy score
  12. Facebook quality ranking
  13. Facebook engagement rate ranking
  14. Facebook conversion rate ranking
  15. Facebook video content MASTERY
  16. Customer journey on Facebook
  17. Facebook personas
  18. Facebook marketing trends
  19. Facebook BEST practices
  20. Facebook content strategy
  21. Facebook engagement strategy
  22. Facebook blueprints with score relevancy 10
  23. Facebook blueprints for real estate
  24. Facebook blueprints for new pages
  25. Facebook business page set up
  26. Facebook business page optimisation
  27. Facebook business page advanced settings
  28. Facebook business page appoitments
  29. Facebook competition analysis
  30. Facebook posts
  31. Facebook polls
  32. Facebook video polls
  33. Facebook jobs
  34. Facebook targeting
  35. Facebook pixel
  36. Facebook advanced pixel events
  37. Facebook remarketing
  38. Facebook retargeting
  39. Facebook dynamic retargeting
  40. Facebook dynamic collections
  41. Facebook advanced remarketing strategies
  42. Facebook lookalike audiences
  43. Facebook custom audiences
  44. Facebook insights
  45. Facebook local ads
  46. Facebook reach ads
  47. Facebook video ads
  48. Facebook music library
  49. Facebook engagement ads
  50. Facebook messenger ads
  51. Facebook messenger ads with lead forms
  52. Facebook messenger bots
  53. Facebook campaign budget optimisation
  54. Facebook lead ads
  55. Facebook dynamic ads
  56. Facebook catalogue sales ads
  57. Facebook catalogue feeds
  58. Facebook instant experience
  59. Facebook traffic ads
  60. Facebook conversion ads
  61. Facebook conversion ads optimisation with carousels
  62. Facebook business analytics
  63. Facebook business manager
  64. Facebook "most difficult ads" TO-DO lists in PDF, ODS & XLSX
  65. Facebook content creation resources in PDF, ODS & XLSX
  66. Facebook search
  67. Facebook copywriting
  68. Facebook & Instagram easy video creation (Facebook Video Toolkit)
  69. Instagram ads
  70. Messenger ads
  71. Chatbot marketing
  72. Careers & freelancing
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Who this course is for:

  • B2C, B2B, entrepreneurs, start-ups, marketers, influencers, Facebook admins, Facebook editors, content creators, creatives, advertisers, real estate agents, job seekers, local business, etc.

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