Information Security Principles - An Awareness Training

Information Security Principles - An Awareness Training

A basic security awareness guide on Information Security and Cyber Security for NON-TECHIES.
This ~2 hour course provides a clear, non technical explanation on Information Security and Cyber Security.
This course offers solutions which can be used in the implementation of an Information Security Management System, it also provides guidance on how to protect yourself from cyber threats.
This course will help you gain a perfect understanding on Information Security through REAL LIFE EXAMPLES AND QUIZ QUESTIONS!

This course is divided into 4 parts:
The first part acts as an introduction to the course, it provides you with definitions such as, Information Systems, Information Security, the purpose of Information Security, the CIA Triad and AAA .
The second part speaks about Risk Management and Qualitative & Quantitative Risk Analysis. We also talk about Contingency Planning in the case of a disaster or disruption of services. 
The third part is where, in my opinion, things get serious, as it contains a very simple and clear explanation on how to protect yourself from threats to your Information System along with REAL LIFE EXAMPLES to help you better understand the concept. We basically talk about Physical, Data, Systems & Network, Wireless and Web Application Security. Also provided in this section is how to develop an Information System Policy along with examples of policies, and how to conduct a Security Awareness Training. 
The fourth part is about Security Monitoring and Effectiveness, the tools needed to maintain an effective monitoring strategy. We'll also see how to develop an Incident Response Plan and how to conduct a Forensics Investigation. Finally in this course we'll see how to evaluate the effectiveness of an Information Security System with Metrics and Vulnerability Assessment.
Who this course is for:

  • Business & IT Managers in Need of an Awareness Training on Information Security.
  • Employees/End Users Needing a Secure Use Of Computers and the Internet to Do Their Jobs.
  • Anyone Who Wants to Learn The Basics of Information Security and Cyber Security.
  • Anyone Looking For a Basic Information Security Awareness Course.
  • This Course is NOT Meant for People Looking for Advanced/Technical/Operational Knowledge

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