Career Search in 2021 & Beyond

Career Search in 2021 & Beyond


In the 1970s your resume may have included personal information such as your height and weight. In the 1990s newspapers had multiple pages of job openings in them every day.

Do you expect to use the same practices for your job search in 2020 and beyond? I hope not.
Finding the best jobs today is done far differently than in the past. Far differently than just 5 years ago.

Today the benefits of online job boards are diminishing. They are no longer the best place to spend most of your time searching for and applying for jobs.

In this class, we will quickly review some of these old processes, then introduce you to new tactics and processes you will want to use to uncover new job opportunities and position yourself to get into the conversations with the right people regarding those opportunities.

We will show you ideas you can begin practicing to get into these conversations.
The ability to talk with people, ask questions, listen and learn will help you discover new ideas, new opportunities, and new jobs. This will be one of the most powerful toolsets you’ll need to use in your career journey today and for the unforeseeable future. The best possible job for you is hidden in one of these conversations.

We are told routinely by recruiters, hiring managers and human resource professionals that we need to pay attention to the job openings they list online and apply for these jobs in order to get hired. Yes, this process may be necessary, however, it’s not the starting point. As you’ll discover in this class, there are many more steps you need to take in order to find your next great job.

Who this course is for:
  • Business Professionals making career changes.
  • College students beginning their career journey

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