Learn Tailwind CSS, TESLA, APPLE, Cool Portfolio Tailwind UI

Learn Tailwind CSS, TESLA, APPLE, Cool Portfolio Tailwind UI

This course will rapidly guide you to become a Tailwind UI designer. This course is friendly to those who know nothing about Tailwind CSS, as we start by teaching the basic concepts and style elements. We will first thoroughly explain the essential topics and concepts and go through the necessary Tailwind CSS documentation in order to teach you the fundamentals. We will then dive into designing more complex beautiful web UIs. We will design an elegant Apple UI from scratch to show you how to design stunning professional Websites in a rapid and efficient manner. We will also teach you how to make your own portfolio website, which you can then personally customise and use. We will also teach you how to build a beautiful landing page, as we demonstrate this through a Tesla landing page example.

This course will enhance your front end design skills and you will appreciate how awesome Tailwind Css actually is. After completing this Tailwind CSS examples that we teach, you will be able to rapidly and efficiently design beautiful user interfaces.

This course will first cover the essential topics such as:
Flex-box and Grid utilities
Typography and Font styles
Responsive styling (styles for specific screen sizes)
State variants (for when hovering and focusing on elements)
User Interface Layouts
Sizing elements
Backgrounds class groups
Border class groups
After covering the fundamentals, we will then go through some awesome tailwind examples:

Apple website:
  • Front Page promotional section
  • Ipad section
  • Macbook section
  • Company Team Members section
  • Contact Form section
  • Footer section

Portfolio website:
  • Self introduction/promotion section
  • Services section
  • Portfolio/work section
  • Contact section
  • Tesla Landing page:
  • Navigation bar
  • Footer section

Who this course is for:
  • Students looking for tailwind examples
  • Students who want to learn tailwind from scratch
  • Beginner designers curious about Tailwind CSS
  • Students who want to learn how to build beautiful tailwind websites
  • Front pageFront pageResponsive header and navigation bar

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