Watercolor Painting from the basics! 2 amazing projects

Watercolor Painting from the basics! 2 amazing projects

If you're a creative person (or you think you can become one) and want to start learning new techniques and doing AWESOME stuff, this is the right course!
  • I'll teach you from the very beginning:
  • How to choose the right materials
  • How to organize your workspace
  • How to let your hand flow with the different strokes
  • And much more
In this course you'll find the fundamentals of one of the great ways to express yourself, watercolor painting!

With two different projects, you'll learn how to mix colors, make shapes and transform everything in a beautiful painting in no time.

In the first lessons you'll learn how to choose the right brushes, the right paintings and I'll keep adding lessons along the way, so you can keep learning.
Believe me, even if you have ZERO experience but you're decided to start, this course will help you get started, gain confidence and let you see for yourself, how many amazing things you can do with little resources and in your spare time.

Watercolor Painting it's also a way to let the stress go, to do whatever you want in a piece of paper and let the time tell how great you can be!
Let's start learning together and if you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact me.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn Watercolor Painting

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