Barista Course: Foundation and Intermediate #BetterCoffee

Barista Course: Foundation and Intermediate #BetterCoffee



I'm Ersin founder of Overdose Coffee and Owner of "Kahve Sakal" YouTube channel. I trained dozens of coffee veterans who benefited from the courses I gave at Overdose Coffee Academy, but I decided to do an online course in order to make this work more accessible. Whether you're just starting the coffee. Whether you are a barista who works actively and wants to improve. This course will add new knowledge and skills to you.

So what exactly will we learn in this course? For this course, I have worked on an introduction and advanced level collection of what a barista should know about coffee and espresso. I tried to convey what you need to know in order to produce less stress behind the bar, a more enjoyable working environment, and good coffee.

Starting from the history of coffee, its cultivation and processing, espresso machine types, espresso mechanics, espresso-based drinks, milk frothing and latte art, bar layout, hygiene, and workflow.
This course is a very good starter course for those who want to be a barista or who want to make better coffee at home but do not want to give thousands of dolars to the courses.

If you want to improve yourself more in the coffee world you have entered with this course. Do not forget to follow our expert-level course modules that we will publish in the future.
Who this course is for:
  • Zero knowledge coffee enthusiasts or beginner level baristas

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