Become a Professional Poet

Become a Professional Poet

Do you want to become a professional poet?
Hi. My name is Adam Levon Brown. Award-Winning Poet and Instructor for the #1 Poetry Course on Udemy.
Take this journey with me into the realm of poetry. I will show you the basics as well as some intermediate strategies.
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I will show you:
- How to get started as a Poet
- How to Build Your Author Brand
- How to Set up all of your Author Accounts
- How to Build an Author Website (What to include, what not to)
- How to Use Various Online Tools to Boost your Author Profile
- How to Find Publishers for your Work
- How to Write the PERFECT Personal Author Biography ( You Send this Along With Your Written Work to Publishers)
- How to Use Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube to Grow Your Author Network
- How to Build and Grow an Audience
- How to Use Branded Images to Make a Lasting Impression on your Audience
- And SO much More!

Take the first step (I know it's scary) and find your footing in the poetry industry.
It is a HUGE industry, but you don't have to be scared. I am here to hold your hand along the way.
And don't worry, I won't abandon you when the course is finished.
I am ALWAYS available if you need help with my courses.
I am also available after you finish if you have ANY questions about navigating the Poetry Industry.

Don't wait to fulfill your poetic dreams.
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Who this course is for:
  • New Authors/Poets/Writers
  • New Writers Hoping to Break into the Poetry Industry
  • Experienced Poets and Writers Hoping to Learn New Ways of Navigating the Poetry Industry
  • Those Wanting to Learn How to Create an Author/Poet/Writer Brand
  • Those Wanting to Learn How to Submit Poetry

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