Build an invite only app like Clubhouse using Flutter

Build an invite only app like Clubhouse using Flutter

We are sure you’ve heard about Clubhouse, right? This new app is booming! Everyone wants exclusive information, to chat to their favorite influencer, and find like-minded people.
The hype around Clubhouse is not limited to simply using it. There are many fascinating elements connected with the app, so it’s no wonder developers and business owners are exploring its functionality and want to learn how to build it. Well, guess what? You will also know by the end of this course !

Roadmap :
- Start with basic UI building and change it later on
- Firebase Integration for Phone Authentication
- Implement Invite Only feature of Clubhouse
- Embed Agora’s voice broadcast functionality into our app
- Functionality for the listener to join the live discussion

Agora is the platform behind all the magic in Clubhouse. It is a set of voice and video call SDKs that allows you to add these features to any app. Just like in the actual Clubhouse app, we are going to use Agora to add a voice chat function

This Course is about having fun with Flutter and exploring the possibilities of Firebase and Agora. This Course is not attempting to create a second Clubhouse or sneak an Android version. It's simply a way to learn something new and share it with others.
Who this course is for:
  • Flutter Developer who want to build real world application
  • Mobile App Developer who want to learn Flutter
  • Android Developer curios to learn cross platform
  • IOS Developer
  • Student who want to build a portfolio
  • Firebase Developer

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