Consciousness Spiritual and Physics

Consciousness Spiritual and Physics

Much of these thoughts were pointing to ancient knowledge.
I did try to communicate with many temples of science and its occupants but it turned a futile exercise.

Though disheartening, I pursued the inner call attempting to understand the great unanswered question of science – The origin and existence of the Universe and our role in it.

From 1991 till 1996, Like a dog, trying to catch the tail, I went around with many models of thinking on this subject. When I tried to link one point of the circle another point broke.
  • Problems of Modern World and Truth of Life as a key Solution Comprehending Cons
  • Why Science is failing to comprehend Life and Cosmos Sensibly
  • Exploring Life as means to know the Cosmic Truth
In those moments I was taken from the realm of mind to realm of heart and beyond to a space that transforms and Gives Life; A space that carries all the information.
This is the beginning point of my Theory of Consciousness as a basal field that supports the universe eternally by unfolding and enfolding.

When I say atoms and molecules are also conscious, I mean it can relate it self to energy changes in the environment of which it is part.  For example -The electrons in an atom jump to upper or lower levels in response to energy or heat change in the environment.

Rest are details
I could visualize the Big Bang origin from a pair of Parental Inert Atoms or God Atoms
I could visualize parallel world concept and Ekpyrotic scenario.
I could visualize chaos and order or self – organizing universe. 
I could visualize Electric Universe Theory
I could understand creation spoken in spiritual scriptures

From this point  I could visualize the beauty all spiritual scriptures, the Vedas, Upanishad, Bhagavad-Gita, the concept of Vedanta, Chakra and Kundalini, Forbiddance of Bible and the importance Calvary Sacrifice and New Birth, Koran etc.

It does not mean I have researched them. It simply means now I can comprehend them when I read it.   
I could visualize Consciousness and intelligence of God Unfolding to sustain the world from collapsing.
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