Lead Generation and Appointment Making

Lead Generation and Appointment Making

Lead Generation & Effective Appointment Making
Creating Sales Opportunities

Sales can be a challenging career, most people never study sales, though many take a position in sales. Selling may be about getting someone to buy products and services, but just knowing that is not enough to structure your day, much less win sales. The best place to start is by focusing on how to find and develop your potential customers, which is called prospecting. Prospecting is an important part of the sales process, as it helps develop the pipeline of potential customers available. This Lead Generation and Appointment Making workshop is based on "strategic prospecting" based on a programme developed by salesxcellence Sales Training and proven in the field to get YOU appointments.

Techniques to help you find and make more appointments in less time  with the ideal client

Salesxcellence’s Lead Generation and Effective Appointment Making workshop focuses on getting in front of more prospects by teaching the skills of successful lead generation and appointment setting.

This workshop demonstrates the connection between daily activities, the sales cycle, and the number of sales necessary for a consistent flow of qualified appointments. A workshop based on practical skills that get results fill your diary with qualified appointments.

Cold call and appointment making is usually the least liked part of any sales job.
Prospects do not like receiving unwarranted phone calls resulting in rejection and frustration for the sales people.

In this workshop you will learn how to pick up the phone with confidence and an attitude of success.
  • Discover Your Ideal Client
  • Learn How with Social Media you can find clients who are waiting to buy
  • This course will teach you an unique way to get in front of more clients
  • Learn how you can build empathy and rapport quickly with your clients
  • Identify and pre-empt the objections.
  • Eliminate the fear of cold calling.
  • Learn the cause and the solution.
  • Create More Sales Opportunities

With the emphasis on results this hands-on workshop will ensure your success in appointment making, listen to your trainer make live phone calls during this workshop, and then you call your customers live with the enthusiasm to close the appointment there and then.

You will be amazed how easily you can achieve sales success with this highly practical course, why wait join us now and watch your pipeline fill with qualified appointments.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who needs to find more leads and wants to have a successful business

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