Learn HTML5 In-Depth - With Real-World Examples

Learn HTML5 In-Depth - With Real-World Examples

HTML is the main markup language for web pages.
HTML elements are the basic building-blocks of web pages.
Learning HTML is your first step to become a web developer.
HTML concepts will help you learn other web development technologies faster.
In this course you will learn how to create web pages using HTML5.
Which is foundation for web development.

You will learn HTML5 elements including images, videos, lists, tables, forms, Iframes and much more with Real-world Examples.

The course includes several hands-on practical examples to ensure comprehension of course materials.
By the end of the course, students will be ready to make web pages in HTML5.

And you will be able to understand CSS3.

This is an introductory HTML training course and will be useful when you will learn
other advanced web technologies like CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP etc.

We will also cover all the different attributes and elements associated with HTML
The very nice thing about the HTML, it opens up the field for many different programming languages.
This will improve your skills for everything that you’ve learned in all of the video lecture series,
so it’s important to follow these to enhance your HTML skills.

In this course you will learn HTML5 in detail.

You'll also get:
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Who this course is for:

  • Students who want an introduction into HTML
  • Students who want to make websites
  • Who want to become we developer or designer
  • Who want to make strong foundation in html
  • And most important who want to learn HTML5 in detail

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