Publish Books in Amazon, Google Play, Apple Books as Pro

Publish Books in Amazon, Google Play, Apple Books as Pro

Amazon is one of the world’s most renowned and popular online marketplaces. It literally sells every little product. But most sellers tend to forget the fact that though Amazon is a big giant today, it started its journey as a small online book selling store. 

I still ranking Amazon KDP  (Kindle Direct Publishing) as my #1 choice. The reason is:
1. Huge markets. There are around 9 Amazon KDP markets
2. Creative: It offers printing locally, which save much cost on posting. In addition to paperback books, it accepts eBooks.
3. Good Contents protection. If you are selling pure PDF online, literally means suicide, so easy to copy.
4. Powerful cover design service, and it is FREE.
5. Quick response time.

In this course, I will also introduce another two big players: Google Play Books, Apple Books. Like China three Kingdom period, these are the BIG 3!

Main topic touched will be:
  • Self Publishing, Contents Marketing
Who this course is for:
  • who want publish books online or offline
  • who want ISBN and print your book

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