The Complete Computer Basics Guide for Beginners: 2021

The Complete Computer Basics Guide for Beginners: 2021


The Computer Defined, Data versus Information,
Classification of Computers based on how data is handled (Analog Computers, Digital Computers Hybrid Computers)
Computers for Individual Users or Personal Computers (Desktop Computers,Workstations, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, Handheld PCs, Smartphones)
Computers for Organizations (Network Server, Mainframes, Minicomputers, Supercomputers)
Parts of Computer System (Hardware , Software, User and Data)
Information Processing Cycle (Input, Processing, Output, Storage)
Computer Hardware Categorized ( Processing Devices, Memory Devices, Input and Output Devices, Storage Devices, Bus Interconnection)
System Software versus Application Software (Different categories of System and Application Software)
Input Devices ( Mouse, Keyboard, QWERTY keyboard layout and keys explained in detail, Different variants of mouse explained)
Other ways to Input Data ( Pen based input, Touch Screens, Game Controllers i.e. joysticks and game pads)
Other ways to Input Data ( Optical Input Devices i.e. Bar Code Readers, Scanners, Handheld versus Flatbed scanner)
Other ways to Input Data (Audiovisual Input Devices i.e. Microphones, MIDI, Digital Cameras)
Video (Monitors and their types, Video cards explained, Projectors)
Sound ( Sound Systems, Sound Cards, Headphones and Headsets)
Printing (Commonly used printers, High quality printers)
Data Representation in Computers
Transforming Data into Information
Devices that Affect Processing Speed
Modern CPUs
Advanced Processing Topics
Extending the Processing Power
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Excel
Windows Basics
Storage Devices
Internet and World Wide Web
Major Services Provided by Internet
How the Web works ?
Using the browser to navigate the World Wide Web
Search Engines

Who this course is for:
  • Computer Science students and students from other discipline curious to learn Computer Fundamentals
  • Students wishing to learn both theoretical and practice aspects of Computer Basics/Fundamentals

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