The Complete eBay Dropshipping University

The Complete eBay Dropshipping University

Akın Yılmaz is Founde r& Ceo of OKYANUSI. After coming UK, he had nothing but books, so he decided to sell them and now he is running with his e-commerce empire. Akin Yilmaz also helps his customers to grow their business with a team of 50 people on digitalmarketing. com. At the same time, Akın Yılmaz’s helping young people to grow their own businesses by telling his experiences and stories to more than 10000 students. He also runs a successful and growing YouTube channel, social media and consults with aspiring and current E-Commerce entrepreneurs to guide them towards success.

As you know, eBay is a growing platform in recent years. You can become a seller and make money on this platform that many customers use to buy. All you have to do is watch the course carefully and start step by step. If you really want to make money and learn eBay dropshipping, Be Sure! You will have all the beginning, intermediate and advanced information at the end of this course.

Everything is explained to you in detail in this course. After completing this course, you will grow your business. And you will expand your business model. All you have to do is register for the course. And its action.

About the Course

Everything you have to know about eBay business from A to Z
Week 1: Dropshipping Introduction
Week 2: What Do You Need To Get Started?
Week 3: Product Research and Analysis
Week 4: First Product In your Shop
Week 5: Tactics You Should Know While Growing Your Business
Week 6: Things to Do for the First Sale
Week 7: Customer Service and Other Issues
Week 8: Virtual Assistant Rental
The Complete eBay Dropshipping Academy
Who this course is for:
  • interested in e-commerce
  • who want to sell online

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