AD’s Hacker 1.0: Growth Hacking Certification for Marketers

AD’s Hacker 1.0: Growth Hacking Certification for Marketers

Welcome to the third course in Term 2 as part of the series "MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing".
Time to set the advertising industry on fire with AD's Hacker 1.0 !!!
There is no denying that we have changed the way we work on the World Wide Web and the Internet. For presents or gifts, we no longer visit the city centre– we’re going to an eCommerce marketplace like Amazon and getting it shipped. We wouldn’t dream of calling or writing a letter to a friend on the phone and we’re always clicking on Facebook Messenger to send everyone a message to keep in touch. The internet has also changed the way we run our organisations, and the internet can be used to advertise products and services without splashing out on costly newspaper ads or radio slots. But, here is a ding that this course is going to put on the Internet itself.  What if we told you, we have discovered a very secretive promotional technology to help you achieve business results without spending a dime on advertising. Yep – now it is very much possible, for that matter.

Digital Marketing Legend “Srinidhi Ranganathan” and Civil Mastermind "Saranya Srinidhi" in their extensive years of research in Artificial Intelligence Based Digital Marketing (AIDM) stumbled upon incredible AD’s-hacking tools that let you create AD's using amazing tools and kickstart your marketing campaigns without huge spends. Believe it or not – witness the difference today as you learn this course.

In this course, you will learn how to create advertising campaigns using reverse hack technologies and also know how to bring incredible results with your YouTube videos. Through the specialized tools taught in these video tutorials, you can conduct outreach to skyrocket your brand and go on to battle your competition, in this process.

Enrol now and own the show. The AD's Hacking process delves deeper in depth now and becomes crankier as it gets interesting step-by-step.

Special Note: Conducting advertising campaigns to promote your brand or business or products are completely free to launch. However, certain video tools taught in the AD's Hacker 1.0 course will be of monthly or a one-time price the user has to pay to acquire the AI advertising software or cloud-tool. Unlimited Ad campaigns are free to conduct thereafter after procurement of the tool.
Who this course is for:
  • Advanced Digital Marketers who are ready to explore new-age ads hacking technology tools in the market
  • Lead-Generation experts or Email Marketers who have an interest to learn this technology to emerge successful in their businesses
  • Ad agency owners and team members who wish to launch marketing campaigns for brand promotion at a fraction of the cost
  • Passionate learners looking to learn new and world-changing stuff and a new concept called "AD's Hacking" that has emerged

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