Business Plan: Learn It Fast! - Business Planning & Writing

Business Plan: Learn It Fast! - Business Planning & Writing

Business Plan - Quick Start
If you are looking for a quick jumpstart into writing a comprehensive Business Plan then this course will help you achieve that goal. You can learn how to create a business plan in just one hour!

The course can be very useful for:
  • Startups
  • Freelancers
  • Small business owners
  • (It is very practical for those who have limited time because they are currently running their business or in full-time employment)

This Comprehensive Business Plan format covers the following 5 Parts:
The course cover the five important elements that every business plan must have, gives direction on the content that should be documented and insight I have gained from writing over 40 business plans.
#1 Executive Summary - How to summarize your whole business plan into two pages in a concise interesting way

#2 The Marketing Plan - “What I Want To Do" Road testing your product/service, understand how you will reach and market to your niche as well create the workable methods of scaling

#3 Operations Plan: “How I Am Going To Do It" – Focusing on the internal structure and organization of your business. This will include clearly documenting your Management, Business Structure, Staff –Insurances, Training Requirements etc

#4 The Financial Plan: “What It Will Cost To Do It" – Working on your Cash flow Forecast and budgets

#5 Appendices: “Additional Supportive Information" - Letters of intent, Letters of recommendation -CV that can add value to your overall plan

This course is not for you to create a Draft Business Plan although you can use it as such. This course will help you create a complete business plan if you are a startup willing to work hard or you already have some experience in the business
Clear benefits.

This course will help you:
-Structure your business idea
-Create a no fluff business plan document
-Build confidence in respect of your business viability
-Communicate with investors & stakeholders effectively
Cashflow Forecast Template that will also calculate the Profit and Loss Account
The course slides in PDF

Who this course is for:
  • You Want To Grasp The Concept Of Business Plan Writing Quickly
  • You Are A Startup
  • You Are An Existing Business That Needs A Business Plan!
  • No Prior Experience Is Necessary
  • Be Willing To Work Hard To See Your Business Succeed

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