English Pronunciation Masterclass

English Pronunciation Masterclass

Hi! My name is Professor G and I'm an English teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience. I previously studied French and Spanish at university, and I've taught English in a number of countries around the world, including Brazil (Campinas), France (Paris) and Spain (Malaga).

I understand the problems that language learners experience, especially when it comes to speaking the language. When I first moved to France, I had studied French for 5 years, but had very little speaking practice. So, I know how intimidating it can be to speak with native speakers, wondering if you will be understood.

As a result of living in these incredible cities, I decided to focus specifically on teaching language pronunciation and how students could sound more fluent. In language schools, the focus is mainly on things like grammar, writing and reading, which are all important parts of language. However, the only real test of language ability in the real world is 'spoken' communication. Can you communicate confidently with another person face-to-face, by phone, in a Zoom meeting?

My goal is to help you reach this level of confidence with your spoken English, to recognize what mistakes you might be making, and how to correct these mistakes. This course will cover a range of topics, including vowel and consonant sounds, syllables and stress, linking words and intonation. When you purchase this course, I'll also be available to help you along the way with your questions and doubts, and offer you feedback to help you with your progress.

Course benefits include:
  • Native English teacher.
  • Easy to understand, neutral accent.
  • Over 10 years of experience teaching English online and offline.
  • Short, easy to follow lessons.
  • Teacher support available when you enroll in the course.
  • Feedback given on any pronunciation issues you may have.
  • Money back guarantee.
Course topics include:
  • Vowel and Consonant sounds, using the International Phonetic Alphabet as a guide.
  • Syllables and Word Stress.
  • Linking words together.
  • Intonation.
  • Quiz at the end of each section to test your understanding.

Thanks for visiting my page and I'll hopefully see you on the inside...
Professor G  : )
Who this course is for:
  • All levels of English students

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