English Resume Writing for Non-Native Speakers

English Resume Writing for Non-Native Speakers

Are you applying for jobs, and worried about your English? 
Will you graduate from school/university soon and need to start applying for jobs? 
Do you want to have more opportunities to learn a new language to work in English-speaking companies? 
This course is for job seekers, working professionals and  students who want to work in English-speaking companies.

Join us and learn to write perfect Resumes/CVs, Cover Letters and Emails to help you: 
- Impress your target company
- Get invited to interviews
- Get hired successfully

We cover all the important written documents you need to make a job application. In this course you will: 
- Write a perfect CV/Resume that is ready e training to send to your dream company
- Prepare a 5-star Cover Letter that will get you invited to an interview
- Learn great vocabulary for job applications and interviews
- Use the Last Minute English Templates to write your applications

- Understand the easiest language to learn culture of applying to an international company
You'll also create impressive emails for 7 different situations: 
- Sending a Job Inquiry
- Following up a Job Inquiry
- Asking for Information about a Job Advertisement
- Asking for learn language Updates about an Application
- Responding to punctuation a Rejection Letter
- Responding to an Invitation to Interview
- Responding to a Job Offer

What we cover: 
Video #1 and #2: Writing a perfect resume or CV
Video #3: Write a perfect Cover Letter
Video #4: Write 4 x Proactive Emails to a Company
Video #5: Write 3 x Responses to Emails from a Company
Who this course is for:
  • Job Seekers - You are planning to change jobs in the near future. Get ready for success with this course.
  • Students - You will graduate from university soon and enter the job market. You need to learn job application skills.
  • Professional Workers - You are considering a career change or changing companies. Give yourself more opportunities with this course.

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