From IDEA to PRODUCT using Python / Django

From IDEA to PRODUCT using Python / Django

Learning the concept of Python and Django is a great experience. But only theoretical learning is not enough. It is very important to implement our theoretical knowledge on some real-time projects and for that, you need project ideas. There is no better way to learn Django or any other framework than by working on some real-world projects. Projects are essential to make learning easy for us. These projects will help you gain real-world experience and make you job-ready.
You’ve learned Python, you know how to write code, and have mastered Django. But now you want to test your skills. You want to see how you can use your knowledge of Django for creating products. But you have no idea where to start.
I hope that your basic concepts of Python and Django are clear. But, in case if you want to revise the concepts of Django, we are here to master the framework.

How to Come Up with Project Ideas?
You don’t always have to rely on external sources to come up with project ideas. You can always come up with your own. Here are some tips on how to do so:

1. Reflect upon your Experiences
Take a look at your day-to-day life and think of the problems you face. Now, figure out which questions you can solve using Django. The more Django project ideas you work on, the more experience and knowledge you gain.
2. Take Inspiration from GitHub
GitHub is a great place to find inspiration. It’s filled with developers and their projects; you might end up encountering a great open-source project there.
3. Go to Hackathons
Hackathons for me are a go-to place to find ideas. You’ll get to meet many professionals who are brimming with ideas. It’s a great way to network and expand your knowledge too. Check out the latest Django applications which are transforming the industry.
#. Some free ideas
You can make a blog application, chat sender, automatic email system, social networking site, News portal app, ToDo app, management system, web crawler, and many more. The possibilities are endless here.

Working on these project ideas will help you test your skills and realize where you lag. Projects are also great for improving your portfolio and resume. Completed projects are proof of your skill level. The more you experiment with different Django project ideas, the more knowledge you gain.
In this course, we are gonna master the skill of CRUD (Create, Retrieve/Read, Update and delete), which are the basic core values behind any Django or web development project.

Once that's done we are going to host the project. I discuss different sorts of hosting platforms and demonstrate them on Heroku as well. Hosting just any front-end project is pretty easy but for a backend projects with database requires careful attention. I show the obstacles one may face during hosting and how to overcome them all. Hosting is a must for any project from startups to final this is where our eyes are.

Finally, we work on carefully documenting the project. Curating properly the "README" file in GitHub and presenting it properly with the demo, live, licenses, and all.

A lot more to teach and share throughout the course. I hope you enjoy it and I will see you there.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Python developers curious about Web development
  • Python developers interested towards Django
  • Django developers seeking to enrich skillset on Rest Framework
  • Students who want to turn their ideas into project
  • People seeking to level up in their career and interview skills
  • People seeking IT skills for web development
  • Data Science developers interested towards Web development
  • People seeking their own personal portfolio site online
  • Web developers enriching their skillset for promotion and better job performance
  • Interested for product development

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