Learn WordPress & Using WordPress to Make 6 Figures Online

Learn WordPress & Using WordPress to Make 6 Figures Online

Learn WordPress
When WordPress was not there it was impossible to create a beautiful professional website in few hours. But WordPress made it so easy that you can create and bring your website live on the internet in few hours.

Learning WordPress is easy and interesting but it becomes more interesting when you are learning wordpress for a money-making idea. To increase your interest in learning WordPress I have shared and taught you in this course a new and smart business idea called drop servicing.
In the Introduction lecture of this wordpress course I have discussed this idea, if you are not yet enrolled in this course still you can watch that lecture I have left that lecture for a free preview. I am sure you will love this new idea of online business which requires you the WordPress skill only. I am not sharing with you only the idea of this new business model but I will teach you to create a complete website for this business with wordpress.

The primary topic of this WordPress Course
The Primary topic and main focus of this course is to teach you WordPress, and the reason for adding the drop service idea in this course is that we will create a dropserviicng website using wordpress. Now when we are creating a drop service website so we will discuss different features and functions of wordpress and in that way, you will learn a lot more about WordPress.

Topics of this WordPress Course
The main topics that you are going to learn throughout this course are the following and for more details of the topics of this course you can check out the curriculum of this wordpress course.
  • What is WordPress?
  • Installing live WordPress and installing WordPress locally.
  • Learning all about WordPress Pages, Posts, Categories, and Tags.
  • Learning all about WordPress Plugins, Themes, and Widgets.
  • WordPress website security and backup.
  • Indexing WordPress site to Google.
  • Creating beautiful professional and responsive landing pages.
  • Creating beautiful menus.
  • You will learn to add products and packages to your website for online selling.
  • Accepting payments on your WordPress Website.
  • Adding debit credit cards payment gateways and adding PayPal payment gateway on WordPress website.
  • You will learn the e-commerce functionality of a WordPress site.
  • You will learn using the popular page builder Elementor plugin.
  • You will learn to add affiliate marketing functionality to a WordPress site.
  • Receiving orders, Closing orders, Creating coupons, and receiving payments from customers.
  • Creating Contact Us pages, Questionnaire Pages, Terms and Condition pages.
  • Signing up of Affiliates, Tracking sales and Commissions of Affiliates.
At the end of this course, you would have learned so many things that you will be able to create any type of website with wordpress. I hope you will love this wordpress course and the content I have shared in this course.

Disclosure of this WordPress Course
All the opinions discussed in this course are my own, I do not promise or guarantee anyone success, I have kept my honest opinions in this course in front of you, If you like the idea you can give it a try but my main focus is teaching you WordPress in this course.
Who this course is for:
  • Web Development
  • WordPress
  • Web Design
  • Blogging
  • Beginner WordPress developers

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