The Complete Dropshipping Product Research Mastering - 2021


The Complete Dropshipping Product Research Mastering - 2021

In this course we are going to talk about Dropshipping Product Research .
We will talk about dropshipping product research here, but this course also will be very important for an Entrepreneurs. Because with the methods I teach here you will be able to get a lot of new product ideas.

I am an Online Seller and Online Entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience. Based on the experience gained during those 5 years, I am currently introducing the latest products to the market under several of my own brand names.

In the meanwhile many people join this online money making field without any knowledge and fail at it. This is a tragedy I have seen for a long time. It seems to have had a huge negative impact on those people and the online money making industry. I thought I would share my knowledge with you through several courses to minimize it as much as possible. As its first step, I created this course to talk about how to do Dropshipping Product Research, the most important and fascinating topic in the field of Dropshipping.

The reason for doing so is that although there are many courses that teach drop shipping in detail from beginning to end, there is very little talk about product research, which is the one of the most important part of dropshipping. Most of the videos are copies of YouTube videos. And many of them socialize on the many misconceptions about product research.

Take eBay for example, What is a meaning of Winning Product on eBay? lotof sellers say a winning product is the best-selling product.Yes! That's right .but, I ask how can it be a winning product for you? It is a Winning Product to the first Listed seller or to the seller with the highest sales. But not for you. If you list it again and again, you will probably not get sales. If you have sales Many factors such as the price, title, description, and SEO level of your listing will Very affect it. As a result of copying other sellers listings, Today it is difficult to create a new eBay Seller Account.  Thousands of Seller Accounts are Suspended day by day. This is the result of copying and pasting others Ideas. Now we must stop this mistake.

How successful would you be if you became a winning product Introducer? If you can, introduce a new product to eBay or other platforms Among the millions of hidden products on the Internet. Yes, there are many such hidden unpopular products on the internet. All you have to do is find them and make a profit from them. Here I will show you how to find them.

Here I will tell you how to find Winning Products in 5 ways.
(01). Hidden Treasure Research Method

    Here I am talking about my favorite Product Researching Method that I have been using for 5 years. I was successful today because of this method. That's why I call this method "hidden treasure".

(02). Create and sell Product Online as you wish
    This method is also one of my favorite methods. My brands run under this method. This is a very attractive one. There are many rewards to be gained from this, depending on your creativity.
(03). How To Find Winning Products Using Social Media
     on this method I will show you how to find a product that people most like. We use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for this social media Product Research method.
(04). Selling a trend, not a product
     Here we will talk about how to find or design a product and sell it according to the current trend in the world, not limited to one product.
(05). eBay New Seller Method
     This is not a method that I like very much because here too it is a copy of someone else but if one cannot adapt to the above methods all at once you can use this method. This is a method I used in the early days of my Dropshipping Career but it's still works very well.
In particular, we don't use Paid Tools in any of these methods. Because there are millions of people in the world who use tools. then same product set that shows millions of people. Then how come sales when millions of them sell the same products? So we don't waste money on useless things.

So these are the things I talk about in my course. You can use these methods on all Selling Platforms. Even if you are a direct shipper, these Product Research methods will definitely help you get ideas for new products.

Therefore, I kindly request you to join this Course. We will definitely develop our Online Selling Business. I will always help you with that.

Thank You!
Who this course is for:
  • Everyone who wants to know about Dropshipping Product Research (Beginners to Experts)

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