Web Service REST APIs - The Complete Guide

Web Service REST APIs - The Complete Guide

This training is targeted to bring out a niche skill in our learners through series of premium courses in REST API’s which will enable them to bridge the gap currently prevailing in the current industry ask and available skill set.

Each of our courses has detailed objectives to fulfill, which we would go through in each of them separately. But here we would brief you about the objective of the entire training. Each of the courses in the training and their supporting courses fulfills the requirement of a learner to be the “best” API developer. All the courses blend in a way that ensures an unbreakable chain of knowledge and enables you to apply the learning in real-life problems.

Our courses go hand in hand with the current requirement in the industry as of date, and we update our listing with the latest technology in place. The methodologies learned during the online training will go a long way in understanding the intricacies of API development. So, let’s catch a glimpse of the course highlights:
  1. We would, as usual, start from scratch in the learning of REST API. The very first thing would be to learn about Flask, its installation, and intent, and then move on to write a minimal API and executing the same. Here we would go through some examples in making you understand the overall intent of API development so that any new type of API development that comes in for you should be a cakewalk.
  2. In the same portion, we would learn about and its arguments. Reqparsing helps in providing simple and uniform access to any variable object in Flask and learning about arguments teaches about the arguments re-parsing takes for successful execution.
  3. In the next set of tutorials on Android Web service, we would go through the learning phase of how REST APIs are used in android Apps. In this group of tutorials, we learn about WAMP, the UI design aspect of REST API, the basics of Volley, and many more.

Who this course is for:
  • With the extensive theory and practical set, we don’t think you would need any other course. If you are looking for the next big role but you don’t think you would be able to compete against other masterclass developers in API, then this course will make you match those masterclass developers and even allow you to surpass them and get into the role of your dreams! Just sign on to this REST API Training and see the difference. Students, Software developers and Tech professionals

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