American English Pronunciation for Beginners

American English Pronunciation for Beginners

Are you struggling with your English pronunciation?
Do you have a strong accent when speaking English?
Do native speakers always ask you to repeat yourself?
Do you want to begin speaking with an American accent confidently?
Do you what tips and help with speaking with an American accent?

I welcome you to this - “American English Pronunciation Training - course where I will patiently guide you through the basic techniques you need to pronounce English sounds correctly.

All the Best and see you inside the course!
Your English Coach, Loretta
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Who this course is for:
  • This course is designed for beginners or anyone who needs to practice and improve their American English pronunciations and listening skills to a Native American English accent
  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Executives, Marketers, Freelancers, Students or Any Individual who want to be fluent with an American English accent can take this course

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