How to Create a Professional Presentation in PowerPoint

How to Create a Professional Presentation in PowerPoint

Dear PEOPLE from all over the WORLD!
We are Anton and Natalia, founders of NeitDesign, and we specialize in PowerPoint presentations. Over the last 6 yrs experience, we:
  • Created over 800+ PowerPoint projects;
  • Designed 20,000+ exclusive brand styled slides;
  • 24,000+ students enrolled to our e-courses on the art of PowerPoint presentations here on Udemy.
However, we must confess - we also made MISTAKES. And, these mistakes cost us time and money. What we mean is when we began our career, we received huge number of REVISION requests from our clients who wanted to make their presentations look PERFECT. This experience taught us what our clients want to see and how we can improve our work. We have summarized this information and selected what actually work for all presentations. We created this course to help you design professional presentations in PowerPoint that sell.

This course is suitable for:
  • Coaches and keynote speakers who want to improve the quality of their presentations;
  • Office managers whose work relates to design of presentations;
  • Freelancers – to reduce the amount of revision requests and improve the service they provide;
  • Students – to make their presentations much better, faster and get better marks;
  • And, for all other people who are ready to learn new information and apply PowerPoint in their daily activities.
So, what you will learn? The course is divided into 2 parts – theoretical and practical. Anton will explain you the theory, including:
Fundamental principles of design and how they apply to PowerPoint presentation design;
Working with images and icons;
Fonts and color combinations;

See real cases and how all these aspects of good design are applicable there.
After Anton explains the theory, you and Natalia will create several slides together in PowerPoint. She will go with you step-by-step, explaining everything you learned in the theoretical part. And, finally you will create the slide on your own. But we will not leave you alone, and Natalia will give a brief guideline that helps you to achieve the goal.
Have questions? Just message us!
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners and experienced designers who want to improve their presentation design skills
  • Coaches, keynote speakers who want to learn how to create professional presentations
  • Freelancer who want to provide services in presentation design

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