Setting Yourself Up For Sustainable Sobriety

Setting Yourself Up For Sustainable Sobriety

A lot of people can decide to quit drinking but maintaining sobriety is another story. If you've struggled with the recovery roller coaster of quitting, relapsing, cutting back, and relapsing more times than you remember then you're not alone. It's incredibly difficult to stay sober when we don't have the tools or our mindset is in the dumps after our battle with addiction.

This course is here to guide you on your path to recovery so you can build a solid foundation to keep you on your feet. You'll learn what triggers you, how to cope with cravings, establish boundaries, and reprogram your subconscious to feel confident in who you are again.

This course's purpose is to show you the amazing things in store on the other side. It aims to help you discover your purpose through a variety of exercises and inspire you to get excited about the opportunities ahead. When you choose sobriety you are not "giving up" something or "missing out", you are gaining a whole new world of possibilities with a new perspective and new strengths.
This course wants you to make addiction your superpower. You can do anything you want.
This course was created for those suffering from alcohol addiction however it could also benefit those struggling with other substances.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, therapist or licensed professional, this course is not intended to replace the help of a medical professional. This course is meant to aid you on your recovery journey and I encourage you to seek advice from your doctor or mental health care provider.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone with a desire to lead a purposeful life in addiction recovery

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