30 day power-up to live your purpose and achieve greatness!

30 day power-up to live your purpose and achieve greatness!

Whether or not you're aware of it, you have already created your life. Everything that happens around you is a consequence of your choices!
Not making a choice, is still a choice.
Not knowing there was a choice to make, is still a choice.
Life happens to us all, and the easy path is to follow the crowd. But this doesn't lead to you living your best life, and I know I've done that for most of my life.

I wish that 30 years ago, someone sat me down and told me, but it's never too late to learn and grow.
My personal journey started with a life-changing event back in 2009. After that, I felt lost, frustrated and without a purpose! Since then, I have spent thousands of pounds and tens of thousands of hours on my own Personal Development and Personal Transformation.
To achieve my full potential, I need to pass this knowledge on and give back to the world. This is what Abraham Maslow identified in his Hierarchy of needs as a Self-Actualization Need. You'll find out more about that and lots of other things inside the program.
To give back, I designed this program!

It's designed in daily overlapping sections that build on each other, in small bite-sized, easy-to-consume, and actionable chunks. Each of these chunks has homework for you to complete. It's also supported with a live weekly group coaching call via a Facebook live and a Facebook group. I'll put details in the introduction section so you can join us.
The course isn't aimed at any one group of people. It's for everyone to build a strong foundation for their life and to stop aimlessly following the crowd and making the same mistakes!
So, join us to discover and live your life's purpose, achieve more, reduce stress and anxiety and be awesome!
Who this course is for:
  • Someone who wants more feels that something is missing!
  • Someone who is stuck and wants to level up!
  • Someone living aimlessly!
  • If you are reading this then that's You!

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