Startup Fundraising Master course - Raise Venture Capital

Startup Fundraising Master course - Raise Venture Capital

Are you looking for fundraising for your startup?
Do you know how to make a pitch deck and attract venture capital for your business?
Then this is the RIGHT class for you.
Startup Fundraising Master course will help you navigate through the complete fundraising process for tech and non-tech startups. We will cover topics like business model, building Minimum Viable Product, Making Pitch deck for your startup, understanding investors funding strategy.

1. Introduction to Startup Basics
Course Overview
Startup Road Map
Building MVP for your Startup
Product execution road map
5 reasons why startups fail
Types of Startup

2. Understanding Startup Business Model
Business model overview
Business Model Canvas
Introduction to platform business
Uber business model
Amazon business model

3. Legal Structure in the Startup
Origin of a startup
Sole proprietorship for Small Business
Partnership firm for medium business
Corporation Legal Structure for the Startup

4. Fundraising for Startup
Startup Funding Basics
Startup Funding Source
Startup ownership and equity
Bootstrapping your Startup
How to get the best out of Bootstrapping

5. Startup Pitch deck
Types of Investor in a Startup
The inflection point in a startup
Common Mistakes with the Inflection point
Incubator and Accelerators for startup
Angel Investor and Venture capitalist for Startup
How does Venture capital look for ROI in startups?

6. Vesting and Cliff in a Startup
Vesting and Cliff for startup
Vesting Spread and types of vesting
Pre Money and Post Money Valuation
Startup stock distribution

7. Stocks/shares in a Startup
Common vs Preferred stock
Convertible note
SAFE vs Convertible Note in a startup

8. Understanding Startup Valuation
Startup valuation basics
Startup taxonomy
Types of Startup Valuation
Berkus Method for pre-revenue startup
Risk factor summation method for valuation
Scorecard Valuation Method
Comparable transaction method
First Chicago valuation technique
Who this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs who is looking for fundraising
  • solopreneurs who wanted to raise VC capital
  • Startup founders who is planning for fundraising
  • Business owners who wanted to make it big
  • MBA graduate who wanted to startup

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