Prompt Engineering Professional Certification 2024

Prompt Engineering Professional Certification 2024


Welcome to the Prompt Engineering Expert Assessment for 2024!

This assessment is designed to certify employees and companies in prompt engineering techniques, providing an internal certification procedure. Unlike traditional courses, this assessment focuses on evaluating your knowledge and understanding of prompt engineering rather than providing theoretical instruction.

Upon successful completion of the assessment, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Include information about your certification on your CV and LinkedIn profile, indicating RBS as your educational provider.
  • Obtain a diploma of completion (MTF type) by providing proof of finishing the test, along with your preferred name for the diploma.
  • For any inquiries or to obtain your certificate, feel free to contact us via email at or visit our website at

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Assessment Description:

The Prompt Engineering Assessment evaluates an individual's proficiency in prompt engineering techniques and their applications in optimizing language models. Consisting of 30 multiple-choice questions, the assessment covers topics such as prompt rewriting, tuning, expansion, and conditioning.

Prompt engineering plays a crucial role in natural language processing and machine learning, aiming to enhance the accuracy and performance of language models. Proficiency in prompt engineering is valuable for researchers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers working on language processing tasks, as well as for employees managing language models in various industries.

For companies, assessing employees' prompt engineering knowledge is essential for optimizing language models effectively and ensuring the quality of AI-driven products and services. By promoting prompt engineering skills within organizations, companies can achieve improved model performance, reduced biases, and increased customer satisfaction.

Whether you're looking to obtain certification in prompt engineering or preparing for exams at other learning providers, this assessment is suitable for anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge in this area.

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